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Timber Harvesting

Selective harvesting can be good for your woodlot, establish some trails for your use and pay you a profit. Call David for more information or to arrange a walk through your woodlot.

Many local farmers and other woodlot owners have entrusted us with harvesting their woodlots. Harvesting the mature timber before it becomes over mature gets the best value for the trees and lets the young trees flourish. But the best part is a satisfied landowner who has received some revenue from their land and still has a woodlot they can be proud of.

How do I know if my woodlot is ready to harvest?

For your woodlot to be ready to harvest (and for it to be viable for a commercial logger) typically it should be:

  • Minimum 10 acres
  • Have mature trees (12 inches diameter and larger)
  • Accessible (not land locked, surrounded by water or very remote)

How do I arrange a successful timber harvest?

  • Hire a reputable logger who has liability insurance and will provide references
  • Have a contract that protects your interests. Work out the details up front so that there is an understanding of how the logging work will proceed, how much and when you will be paid and any other important details or instructions you may have
  • Communicate regularly with the logger during the harvesting operation, especially if you are not happy with any aspect so that your concerns can be addressed immediately

Why should I choose Gibbons?

  • 20 years of experience
  • Many satisfied customers (references can be provided)
  • Regard for the ecology of the forest – we leave plenty of wildlife trees, seed trees and are careful near watercourses and other special features
  • Good logging practices – we take measures to protect standing trees from logging damage, the understory from excessive disturbance and the ground from rutting. We also leave the landing and trails clean.
  • Respect for landowners wishes – we will take your wishes (such as no cut areas) into account when planning the logging job
  • Top prices – we will use our extensive contacts with log buyers and mills to get the best price for veneer and saw logs. We will use the lower quality timber in our firewood business and pay you the best price we can.
  • Liability insurance and an excellent safety record
  • Written contract, prompt payment 

*We also do land clearing for house lots and for agriculture.

Sorry but we usually do not do plantation thinning or cedar harvesting.

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