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At Gibbons Logging and Firewood we care about Ontario’s forests and the forestry industry. That’s why we wanted to have some information about these topics and how you can help!

Ontario’s Forests

Did you know that Ontario’s forests cover a land area equivalent to the size of Germany, Italy and the Netherlands combined? We have over 70 million hectares of forest about 90% are Crown land which means they are owned by all of us. The remaining 10% or 7 million hectares are privately owned (mainly in southern Ontario). Woodlot owners can manage this resource for both ecological and economic benefit.

Manage Your Woodlot for Future Generations!

Ontario’s Forest Industry

In Ontario we protect our provincial parks, conservation reserves, significant wetlands, woodlands, ravines, shorelines, species at risk, and wildlife habitat on both private and public lands through legislation. We also manage forests for the forest industry which employs over 200,000 people. These people are not only loggers but also wood product manufacturers and craftspeople who use Ontario wood to produce many different products from lumber to log homes to furniture, kitchen cabinets and musical instruments. Wood fibre is still used for paper and in many other consumer products (even food!). Now waste wood is being used for green energy solutions.

When you choose Ontario Wood, you’re not just making the best choice for building a deck, installing a new floor, or renovating your kitchen; you’re making the best choice for all of us. That’s because our forest industry provides thousands of jobs and sustains hundreds of communities across our province. On top of that, Ontario wood products are high-quality and cost-competitive and have an excellent reputation around the world.

Choose Ontario Wood! For more information and to find where Ontario wood products are sold, visit:

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